Hearing tests (Audiometry)

The Hearing test is the method used to study hearing loss and, in some cases define the degree of loss and locate its origin in the ear. The test is the Audiometry performed in a cabin that attenuates ambient noise. In children from 3 years testing may require an Infant Hearing Test based in game with very reliable results.

Sometimes other tests are needed as:

  • Impedance Test which assesses the presence of ventilation problems or occupation of the middle ear and some reflexes of the ear.
  • OAE that are automatic tests in which the functioning of the inner ear is detected without the patient having to respond, so they are especially useful in infants and young children.
  • Auditory Evoqued Response Test which are other automated tests that detect sound transmission to the inner ear and nervous system and do not require the patient's response,being also specifically useful in infants and young children.